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With our wide selection of motorized goods, you may enjoy the luxury and simplicity of smart window covering operation.

All of your interior and outdoor window coverings* can be controlled by a single device thanks to our cutting-edge Automate series. Automated window coverings give your home a seamless appearance while doing away with the need for wires and chains. They also make your home a safer place for kids and pets.

You may control your window coverings from anywhere in your house, offering tremendous flexibility and convenience. You can regulate all of the window coverings from a single device, either individually or collectively.

Design partner

Rollease Acmeda is our preferred hardware supply partner for good reason. They are the industry leaders in Australia for window covering hardware solutions. Because their superior solutions have developed through time, Rollease Acmeda is on the cutting edge of window covering trends. Over 25 engineers work as a team in their Melbourne-based Innovation and Design Centre to continuously improve their product development through in-depth research and development. 

Creating an automated + sustainable sanctuary.

Energy efficiency with Automate window coverings.

By enabling sophisticated climate management, our Automate window coverings enhance a home beyond simple convenience. No matter how advanced your window glazing or tint may be, they are almost never able to match the advantages of automated window coverings.

Strong sun rays, chilly cloudy skies, and wild weather changes typically cause people to utilize air conditioning, heat, and lights to excess. Even while turning on the thermostat may come naturally to you, doing so can increase your annual energy costs and have a negative impact on global climate management.

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Capture heat in winter + release it in summer.

In times of extreme heat, an automated system may cover your windows to provide a cool, cozy haven. It is equally simple to elevate all of your home’s window coverings to let in as much sunlight as possible, which will considerably cut down on the amount of interior heating needed in the cooler months. Your window coverings can seamlessly change at the press of a button to fit your lifestyle and adapt to the constantly changing outside environment for every day in between.

We’re dedicated to providing a better connected, secure, and emission-free home because the need for energy-efficient solutions throughout the world is only going up. A sustainable future that permits the comforts of living without endangering the environment.

Smarter systems to optimise internal environments.

By installing a distinctive, dynamic system that automatically rises or lowers your window coverings throughout the day, you may allow your home to adjust its climate based on the weather outside, the time of day, or the position of the sun.

To maximize your home’s energy efficiency, Automate’s smart sensors, timers, schedules, and triggers make sure your window coverings move. With our Automation solutions, your window coverings will rapidly become used to any existing IoT ecosystem. A modern home is a connected home. If your connected gadgets detect a change in temperature, light, or your position, they will automatically adapt.

At home or away.

Without worrying about the window coverings, enjoy your time away from the house or workplace. You can always be in control of your window coverings, privacy, and security if you have numerous locations, such as a home, workplace, or vacation property. With the help of our unique control app, you can access your window coverings from a distance, see where they are located, and manipulate them just like you were there.

Morning + evening.

Utilize our Pulse Hub to have your Automate window coverings raise or descend automatically depending on the position of the sun. If you choose the “Morning” option, all of your shades will rise as soon as your day begins. If you choose the “Evening” option, the coverings will change when the sun sets in your area.

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