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Balcony Awning

Not all fabrics are appropriate for the arid environment of Australia. Fabric quality is important since each type has distinct properties and levels of performance. For this reason, we traverse the globe in search of fabric collections that are both aesthetically pleasing and properly functional. We provide Australia’s greatest assortment of outdoor fabrics in a wide range of modern styles and colors, from high-quality mesh to durable canvas.

A world of choice.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for the widest collection of outdoor blind and awning fabrics in Australia.

Fabric types.

Each awning and blind is unique in its appearance and functioning, necessitating the use of a certain type of fabric to maximize their potential. You can get help from our advisors in determining which cloth is best for the product you’ve chosen. The Melanoma Institute Australia receives a portion of purchases from our Outlook Mesh, Docril Acrylic, and Canvas fabric lines.


Modern breathable mesh offers the ideal balance of ventilation and discretion. The most requested and widely used mesh fabric offers a 95% shade cover with a 5% open weave. This is perfect for offering sun protection while preserving a view. Look at our mesh textiles with a 99 percent shade covering if you want complete privacy. Views will be obscured by this amount of canopy, which also provides more wind and rain protection.

A contemporary replacement for canvas is the ground-breaking Mode Zero material. With its zero percent openness, this first true 100% mesh blockout offers perfect privacy and sun protection. Due to the large roll width of 3200mm/320cm, Mode Zero reduces fabric joins for the majority of windows.



The best material for complete UV blockout is canvas. It has been demonstrated to cut solar heat intake by up to 90%, resulting in a cool and cozy living space.

Plain, self-striped, or colored stripe designs are offered in a variety of widths. Choose from a rainbow of COLORBOND®-inspired hues to complement the exterior color scheme of your home.

Clear PVC

All year long, you may benefit from unobstructed views thanks to clear PVC, which is also excellent for building a weatherproof outdoor living or entertaining area. In the winter, it prevents wind and retains heat. It is made specifically for Australian circumstances and is sourced directly from Japan. Its UV-R Blockout ranges from 92 to 98 percent, and it is dimensionally stable to lessen shrinking and expansion due to environmental factors.


Folding arm awnings, Dutch hoods, and canopies are all recommended because to the versatility of 100% acrylic and its capacity to limit solar heat intake by up to 90%.

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