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Aluminum Louver Shutters

Bi Fold Fixed Aluminium Shutters hero
Aluminum louver shutters provide your windows, verandas, and the like with a stylish but practical and affordable solution to allow you to have total control of your privacy, security, ventilation, light, and views. These louvers can be fitted and adapted internally or externally to any form of installation and are designed with locking systems to secure your home whether it’s hinged, sliding, bifold, or fixed in place.

Thanks to the durable construction, our aluminum louver shutters are capable of withstanding high-velocity winds and can extend your outdoor entertaining area with increased protection from the outdoor elements. Despite being sun, wind, and waterproof, these aluminum louver shutters are also aesthetically designed with a highly durable and high UV powder coat with a varying range of colors.

Design style


Fixed panel shutters are the simplest form of installation. The shutter panels are fixed into position in the recess while maintaining the functionality of the blades. These panel shutters are fitted for small to large size windows or outdoor spaces. These usually have one or more rectangular panels in a variety of configurations.


Hinged panel shutters are available as single hinged or double-hinged that can fold back on themselves. These panel shutters are fitted for small to large size windows or outdoor spaces. These usually have one or more rectangular panels in a variety of configurations.


Bi-fold panel shutters come with an even number of panels and are installed on tracks with up to eight panels bi-folding off one another. They are commonly used on doorways and for wide or tall windows and spaces. It is the best choice for seamless indoor or outdoor living spaces and servery areas. The shutters fold open and close to control the views and natural light entering the area.

Fixed panel shutters


The designs for Fixed and Hinged Shutters include frames. They can be purchased as a U channel, L frame, or Z frame and are recess fitted to match the size and style of your window or space. After that, the Shutter panels are fixed inside the frame for a lovely, polished appearance.

Frames are part and form of the Fixed and Hinged shutter designs. These are available as a U channel, L frame, or a Z frame. These are recess fitted and designed to adapt to the style and size of your window or space. The aluminum louver shutter panels are put in place inside the frame.


63mm wide

Suitable for the majority of open spaces or window sizes.

90mm wide

The most popular size. It offers a more contemporary look and optimizes the amount of light intake.

144mm wide

Perfect option for areas or windows that are particularly tall or large.


Astragal Style

The gaps between the panels are closed together to eliminate the gaps of light. Suitable for hinged shutters.

Butt style

The panels meet together without any additional molding. Suitable for fixed, bi-fold and sliding shutters.


Odd or irregular-shaped windows are not a problem Shutters can’t handle. We are capable of manufacturing custom sizes and shapes to fit your windows or spaces.


A tilt rod is a vertical rod used to rotate the blades.. The Clearview style is a thin metal tilt rod that is hidden at the back of the panel to ensure ease and uninterrupted views through the open blades which makes it perfect for modern aesthetics.

Bi Fold Aluminium Shutters
Bi Fold Aluminium Shutters