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JJM Group offers a solution for every home automation project through our extensive motor program for internal and external window coverings. Offering Somfy®, OzRoll®, and moto TUBULAR MOTORS, we partner with the largest and most trusted names in the smart home automation industry. 


Automation is the ultimate choice for modern day living and is now more convenient than ever:

Unlock the convenience and luxury of smart window covering operation with our large range of motorised products.

Our innovative Automate® range can operate all of your indoor and outdoor window coverings* with the one device. Eliminating the need for cords and chains, Automated window coverings provide a seamless look throughout your home with the additional benefit of a safer environment for children and pets.

Offering immense flexibility and convenience you can manage your window coverings from anywhere in your home. Operate each window covering individually or as a group at the one time from a single control.

  • Australian designed, Australian made
  • Suitable for indoor + outdoor window coverings
  • Control one or a group at the same time
  • Clean, modern look with no cords/chains
  • Stringent quality control + testing
  • Smooth + quiet operation
  • Ultimate choice for child + pet safety
  • Easy to operate
  • Operate heavy window coverings with ease
  • Suitable for difficult to reach windows
Control Options

Take the effort out of manually opening and closing each window covering in your home:

Save time and move your window coverings with one remote control. Or, utilise your smart devices to operate your window coverings remotely or automatically in response to the time of day, the activities within your home, or even changes in the weather.

Motor Options

Operate all of your indoor and outdoor window coverings with the one device.

So what comes first, Automation or product type, when deciding what window covering you would like and whether to have them Automated? If you know you definitely want the flexibility and convenience of your window coverings being Automated then it’s really wise to start with the window covering as not all are suited to being Automated. Let’s look at your choices.

Product Options

Experience sophisticated window covering control with our battery operated or hardwired motors.

Our Automation range features cutting-edge rechargeable battery technology, or our market leading hard wired motors with no need to re-charge. These motorised options are suitable for Automated window coverings depending on the type of window covering, its size and installation.

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