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Outdoor Awnings For Windows In Melbourne

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Australia is a beautiful country but we all know its weather can be challenging whether you live in the city or the countryside

Keep the sun and heat at bay with our Window Awnings for the ultimate protection. Reducing sunlight and glare on your windows, they protect the inside of your home from sun damage and greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency. Perfected for the Australian lifestyle by ensuring the design and quality are paramount.

Durable and practical, adjustable or retractable, we have three styles of Window Awnings – Automatic, Fixed Guide and Straight Drop. No matter what shape or size window, we can tailor make the perfect Awning to suit your exterior shade and location requirements. 

Fabrics are available which block and reflect up to 95% of solar energy before it reaches the window, keeping your house cool and saving you energy and money.

For a comprehensive step-by-step guide on choosing your Awnings, download the Awnings Brochure, call for assistance or visit your nearest store.

  • Australian designed, Australian made
  • Custom made to fit any window 
  • High quality fabrics + componentry suitable for the Australian climate
  • Stringent quality control + testing
  • Reflects heat + keeps interiors cool
  • Robust + energy efficient
  • Privacy + UV protection
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Design options

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Choose from a range of finishes such as the contemporary bottom rail, a straight flap or the more traditional scallop finish.

  • Exposed Bottom Rail (no flap)
  • Scallop Flap with Bias
  • Straight Flap Hemmed (no bias)
  • Straight Flap with Bias
Control options.


Our Automation range is the ultimate choice for modern day living and is now more convenient than ever. Our innovative Automate® range can operate all of your outdoor window coverings* with the one device. With the touch of a button marvel from inside your home as your Awnings lift and lower! No need to get wet or suffer the heat.

  • Easy to operate
  • Remote control, voice control or dc+b control smartphone app
  • Control one Awning or a group at the same time
  • Clean, modern look with no cords
  • Suitable for difficult to reach windows
  • Operate heavy window coverings with ease
  • Child + pet safe

Flexibility is key, so our motors are developed with several settings which can be engaged or turned off at any time. They include a tension setting so the Awning is installed nice and taut, an impact setting to prevent objects from damaging the Awning or motor whilst in motion and best of all, a favourites setting so with a touch of the button all Awnings can be raised or lowered to the exact same position. Attention to detail and symmetry are a big deal!

Our motorisation is compatible with Home Automation Systems and can be integrated with sun, rain and wind sensors or timers so Awnings can conveniently adjust automatically.

*Excludes Automatic Window Awning

Control Options

Control options


Our automation line is the best option for contemporary living and is now even more practical. With our innovation, Automate® can control all your outdoor window coverings* with only one device. The attention to detail and symmetry is a huge deal!

Our motorization is compatible with Home Automation Systems and can be integrated with sun, rain, and wind sensors or timers so Awnings can conveniently adjust automatically.

  • Easy to operate
  • Remote control, voice control, or dc+b control smartphone app
  • Control one awning or a number of them simultaneously
  • Clean, modern look with no cords
  • Suitable for difficult-to-reach windows
  • Operate heavy window coverings with ease
  • Child and pet safe

*Excludes Automatic Window Awning

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Wind + Sun Sensor

Our solar-powered Automated Radio Communication (ARC) Wind and Sun Sensor reacts naturally to the elements to automatically open or close an awning to provide a comfortable outdoor environment and protection for the awning.

Imagine having a party outside on a bright sunny day when the need for shade and the intensity of the sun grow. When connected to our sensor, your motorized awning will activate the awning to close to provide the perfect level of shade and comfort you need. A signal will be sent to the awning to open and provide shade when a pre-set lux level is attained.

Spring operated

The height of the awning can be manually adjusted and secured thanks to the simple spring operation.

things to consider

When selecting the ideal awning for your area, keep the following factors in mind:

  • The orientation of the sun and how much shade you require.
  • The awning projection when fully opened varies and is determined by which system you choose.
  • The colour and finishes on your awning. We have an extensive colour range that will compliment any exterior space.
  • To be the most effective, get an awning that can completely fit your dimensions
  • We always make sure the awning is installed so that its weight does not exceed the wall’s ability to support it because the awning’s weight is crucial.
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This experience has been passed on for generations, and our mission has always been to provide high-quality service, at an affordable price.

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  • Very happy with Chris & John, Chris came out to quote with samples and colour palettes made recommendations based on our budget and was willing to work with us. We had doors with triple locks doors along with sliding doors and are very happy with the work.

    Arthur Soul
  • I highly recommend JJM group. Chris was super friendly, easy to communicate with, hard working and did an excellent job. Plus, his grandfather is a bonus addition to the team. We are really happy with the end result.

  • I highly recommend JJM Group, they were very professional from getting out a quote in a timely manner right through to supplying and installing security doors and fly screens. Chris was very friendly and knowledgeable on helping me decide which doors would suit my needs best.

    Helen Rossidis
  • I had the mesh replaced on my fly screen sliding doors by JJM Group. Chris was fantastic….. prompt and efficient with his service. He gave great advice and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Highly recommend 😊

    Marisa Tricarico
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