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JJM Group offers a solution for every home automation project through our extensive motor program for internal and external window coverings. Offering Somfy®, OzRoll®, and moto TUBULAR MOTORS, we partner with the largest and most trusted names in the smart home automation industry. 



Moto TUBULAR MOTORS offer exceptional value for money and performance without compromising on quality or reliability. It is a carefully selected range providing sustainable solutions for roller shutters, interior blinds, and awnings. With the benefit of remote control and obstacle detection moto TUBULAR MOTORS is an ideal solution for Alfrescos, doorways and awning windows.


Somfy is a trusted name in motorisation, with the range of Sonesse offering ultra quiet motors. Sonesse motors use patented technology to dampen noise and vibration to deliver a new standard
in acoustic control. The Sonesse range is available in both wired technology and RTS radio technology motors.

Offering the benefits of remote control operation without the need for electrical connection, Somfy’s battery powered motors are the ideal solution for hard to reach blinds, when electrical
connection is difficult or simply as your introduction to motorisation.

Somfy offer a range of control solutions to meet any requirement in the automation of window furnishings in the home or office. Somfy’s unique and stylish range of remote controls provides users
with the ultimate in convenience – all at the touch of a button.

With  Connexoon Window RTS you can control your blinds, curtains, awnings, screens, roller shutters and RTS enabled lighting right from your smart phone, even when you’re away from home. Connexoon Window RTS allows control of up to 30 products or 30 groups of products, with the ability to set products on a timed event and create scenarios!

E-Series by Ozroll

E-Series by Ozroll

This Roller Shutter Drive System is a low voltage battery operated drive system that is not reliant upon mains power. With operation at the touch of a button this unique system offers a cost effective alternative with many other additional benefits including a more efficient installation, as well as the ability to operate the shutters in the event of a power failure.

The E-Series tubular motors can be fitted into the axle, or for smaller openings a lateral motor is available which is mounted on the end plate, making this system capable of use with curtains under 300mm. Each motor is equipped with a low voltage cable which is connected directly to the back of the wall plate. The wall plate is permanently fixed to the interior of the opening and creates a circuit for the removable battery pack to be inserted into.

The corner stone to this product range is the E-Series E-Port controller. The E-Port control is a small control unit with an appearance to suit modern decor. An electrical connection is made when the E-Port is inserted into the wall plate, which then powers and monitors the drive motor connected to that wall plate. The controller itself is not dedicated to any particular wall plate, making this item easily interchangeable. The basic core of the E-Port contains a printed circuit board and a specifically designed rechargeable Li-Ion battery, which can be charged using an AC adaptor.

The E-Port 18650 has a battery capacity of 1600mA/h which is greater than previous models, but although the battery is larger it has been designed to work with the existing wall plate, so it remains interchangeable with existing systems. The E-Port is available in both Standard (15.600.001) and RF (15.601.001) configuration and now more than 10 years after its inception, the Ozoll Drive System has revolutionised automation, not only within Australia but throughout the world, with successful export into a number of continents, including Europe, the roller shutter capital of the world.