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Steel Door Restorations

Kestrel Heritage

Like your door but not the condition it’s in?

The average cost of a basic new steel door is $1000+ so why not just refurbish your current one!

Powdercoat is porous dust and moisture accumulates and eats through to the steel. The dulux zincshield® barrier slows this process down and with a little maintenance will last 10 years

Type of finish is important as the better the finish the longer it will last you will not understand if you can not see past the cost benefit to you in the long run

The process is we pick up your door, prepare it to be chemically stripped, it then goes to be medium blasted it is then thermal powder coated with a Dulux product zincshield2® then thermal powdercoated again with your choice of colour, your handles can usually be powdercoated the same colour as your door, the lock and door closer can not be powdercoated, if your lock and handles are not functioning or *just tired we recommend replacement door closers if not functioning or just tired we recommend replacement* (not inc in cost of restoration)

New mesh is always required after restoration we do include a quality tuff aluminium mesh, we do have a range of meshes to choose from samples available additional cost applies.

This extensive process restores your door to new or better than new depending on the original condition of your door all done in around 2 – 3 weeks.

Dulux states a 10 year life span as long as it is properly maintained


Kestrel Heritage