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Zip screen Awnings

zipscreen straight drop awning
Zip Screen Awnings are specifically designed for the Australian love of entertaining outdoors.
It is a great choice for open areas such as pergolas, verandas, and balconies as it provides privacy and protection from the elements all year round.

The Zip Screen Awnings are a better alternative to the more traditional Awnings. A custom-designed system can be created in widths up to 5.5 metres, covering almost any outdoor areas. Fabric and hardware colours are inspired by COLORBOND® so you can match any of the colour palettes outside your homes.

Hidden z-LOCK™ Technology

The all new z-Lock™ technology allows a unique fabric guide, fastening and securing the welded zip and fabric concealed within the side channels which creates a strong, smooth, and streamlined system. The hidden z-LOCK function makes sure that there are no gaps in between the fabric screen and side channels allowing a secure guided movement that won’t get blown by the wind. A total seal from Zip screen’s z-LOCK™ technology and bottom sealing strip helps in creating a relaxing insect-free environment.

One Action Ultra-Lock + Tension

Ultra-lock’s patented technology seamlessly reinforces your Zip screen for a reduced movement and an ultra smooth fabric finish. Our ultra-lock perfectly keeps your Zip screen automatically secure without needing an external lock or latch while utilizing an in-built, self-correcting system to ensure your screen evenly clicks in place. Ultra-durable. Ultra-reliable. Ultra-Lock.

Easy to use Latch-Lock

Latch-Lock uses a spring pin system so that when the awning is pulled down, it will automatically clip into the latch and lock off. To unlock it, each pin can be released so that the awning can be raised up.

Zipscreen Awnings

Design options

Open Headbox

An open headbox increases the air circulation around the roller and minimizes the built-up heat. The colours of the headboxes have been designed to match the most popular COLORBOND® colours.

Closed Headbox

A closed head box encloses on the fabric which improves its longevity by keeping the fabric clean and protected from harsh elements. The colours of the headboxes have been designed to match the most popular COLORBOND® colours.


The fabric used is an essential part of choosing awnings. Each fabric has its own unique characteristics and performance levels making it essential for you to choose the best fabric for your needs. We offer a massive collection of contemporary and traditional outdoor awning fabrics for your home or outdoor areas.

Zipscreen is the ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area

Privacy and protection all year round, Zip screen can keep you safe from the elements and insects regardless of the season. Whether it be an alfresco, pergola, or veranda, Zip screen is a perfect addition to any outdoor entertaining areas. Your custom-designed system can be created in widths up to 5.5 metres, covering almost any outdoor areas.

Control options


Our automation line is the best option for contemporary living and is now even more practical. With our innovation, Automate® can control all your outdoor window coverings* with only one device. The attention to detail and symmetry is a huge deal!

Our motorization is compatible with Home Automation Systems and can be integrated with sun, rain, and wind sensors or timers so Awnings can conveniently adjust automatically.

  • Easy to operate
  • Remote control, voice control, or dc+b control smartphone app
  • Control one awning or a number of them simultaneously
  • Clean, modern look with no cords
  • Suitable for difficult-to-reach windows
  • Operate heavy window coverings with ease
  • Child and pet safe

*Excludes Automatic Window Awning

Wind + Sun Sensor

Our solar-powered Automated Radio Communication (ARC) Wind and Sun Sensor reacts naturally to the elements to automatically open or close an awning to provide a comfortable outdoor environment and protection for the awning.

Imagine having a party outside on a bright sunny day when the need for shade and the intensity of the sun grow. When connected to our sensor, your motorized awning will activate the awning to close to provide the perfect level of shade and comfort you need. A signal will be sent to the awning to open and provide shade when a pre-set lux level is attained.

Spring operated

The height of the awning can be manually adjusted and secured thanks to the simple spring operation.

things to consider

When selecting the ideal awning for your area, keep the following factors in mind:

  • The orientation of the sun and how much shade you require.
  • The awning projection when fully opened varies and is determined by which system you choose.
  • The colour and finishes on your awning. We have an extensive colour range that will compliment any exterior space.
  • To be the most effective, get an awning that can completely fit your dimensions
  • We always make sure the awning is installed so that its weight does not exceed the wall’s ability to support it because the awning’s weight is crucial.
Mesh Zipscreen Awnings
Mesh Zipscreen Awnings